Technology and technical services

Shell Lubricants Solutions: Innovate and integrated value adding solutions for sustainable farming.

Shell Lubricants Solutions not only provides and extensive portfolio of products, but we also have a full portfolio of Services that ensures optimal operation. Our expert services help farmers reap the benefits of increased productivity.

Single visibility of connected machines

MachineMax is a digital equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet, that work with customers to measure key metrics. The metrics providing the biggest initial impact include: utilisation, idling time, fuel consumption, emissions, location and operation hours. This ensures that sites maximise their productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Free Tool

A free online tool that provides instant lubricant recommendations for a wide variety of vehicles. Available online ( or as a mobile app. The most robust oil selector tool in the market, available in 138 countries and 221 languages.

Training Program

A customised training program, led by Shell technical experts with substantial in-field experience which offers practical coaching to customers’ staff on lubricant management techniques.

Real-time health equipment monitoring

Shell remote sense is a smart, real time data drive lubricants condition monitoring service delivering insights to optimise equipment health, lower maintenance costs and increase operational efficiencies. The insights are delivered in real-time via the Shell Remote Sense website and email alerts and can be integrated with existing monitoring telemetry systems via API connections. Shell Remote Sense improves upon traditional lab-based oil analysis in that the oil is continuously monitored, allowing you to catch potential problems before they cause damage to critical equipment.

Fuel Management Tool

Fuel Active is a unique fuel management solution that delivers 92% cleaner fuel to the engine by drawing fuel from just below the surface of the fuel tank, bulk storage unit or fuel cube. Standard diesel engines and storage units draw fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank where water, sediment, diesel fuel pick-up system ensures that only clean fuel enters the fuel lines eliminating the costly effects of fuel contamination. Not only that, because the engine is burning only clean fuel, the thermal efficiency of the engine reduces fuel consumption whilst maintaining factory-level emissions standards through its life cycle.

Redefining clean

Shell’s new and innovative diesel formulation Shell FuelSave Diesel, which is the result of extensive development and testing, has been designed to help address a number of key challenges that operators face. Prioritising engine cleanliness for efficient and effective operation, our new deeper cleaning formula takes our fuel technology to the next level.

Innovative and sustainable

Driveline products

Introducing our range of high-performance lubricants designed specifically for the agricultural sector. Our products are formulated to protect and enhance the performance of your machinery, ensuring that your farm runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need engine oil, hydraulic oil, or transmission oil, we have a solution to meet your needs. Trust in our expertise and experience to keep your equipment running at its best.

Shell Rimula Range

Heavy duty engine oils

The Shell Rimula range offers a portfolio of fully synthetic, semi‑synthetic or ‘synthetic technology’, and mineral oil options for your engine’s unique needs. Powerful antioxidant agents neutralise acids before they damage your engine, while adaptive molecules block deposit‑forming particles and react under heat or pressure to protect against wear. Shell Rimula is designed to keep engines in- pristine condition, making every journey safe, efficient, and hassle free.

Shell Tellus Range

Hydraulic Oils 

The Shell Tellus range is specially formulated to protect and enhance hydraulic systems and applications.

Shell Spirax Range

Axle, gear & automatic transmission lubricants

The Shell Spirax range of axle, gear, and automatic transmission lubricants provides you with ample choices to pick from when selecting the oil for your needs.

They are designed to protect your transmission components and keep them working efficiently.

Shell Gadus Range


The Shell Gadus grease range has been developed with performance in mind. From standard applications to specialist, low noise, high temperature and heavy–load ones – there’s a Shell Gadus grease to optimise your system’s efficiency and costs.