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The “Shell Supporting Farm of the Future” campaign is all about introducing you, as farmers, to the latest and most innovative practices in agriculture. Through this program, we aim to educate and inspire farmers to adopt sustainable and digital solutions that will help them stay ahead of the curve and ensure their success in the years to come. Our goal is to equip farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to prepare for the future of farming, by introducing them to cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimise crop yields.

Join us in embracing the future of farming and taking your farm to the next level with the Shell Supporting Farm of the Future campaign.


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Shell Lubricants Solutions offers a range of innovative and integrated value-adding services for sustainable farming. In addition to their extensive portfolio of products, they provide expert services to help farmers optimise their operations and increase productivity.

The services include MACHINEMAX which is a is a digital equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet, that work with customers to measure key metrics. Shell LubeMatch is a free online tool that provides instant lubricant recommendations for a wide variety of vehicles, available in 138 countries and 221 languages. Shell LubeCoach is a customised training program led by Shell technical experts, offering practical coaching to customers’ staff on lubricant management techniques.


Future farming, technology, innovation, quality equipment, and sustainability are vital for the coming years. Advanced technologies and sustainable farming practices can enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact, while using quality equipment can decrease downtime. Embracing sustainability practices, such as renewable energy and waste reduction, can help mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development, ensuring a more environmentally responsible and economically viable future for farming.

Quarter Two Winner
Deon Pelser from Port Elizabeth is the latest winner in the Shell Supporting Farm of the Future quarterly draw. The prize, a 2KVA inverter, was handed over to him by Cameron Price of Express Petroleum, a Shell authorised distributor, on 24 July 2023. 

Pelser grew up on a cattle farm and has been following a career in agriculture for more than 20 years. This year, he and his wife started a new development on land in the Eastern Cape, where they will mainly plant dragon fruit for export.
Shell Naturelle
Shell Naturelle: Delivering Sustainability And Performance With Our Highest Standard In Biodegradability And Ecotoxicity
Businesses are under pressure to deliver more, while also contributing to a more sustainable future. This means they must adapt to rapidly changing standards and regulations – and use fewer resources, without compromising performance.
Smart Farming
Smart farming tech solutions have a lot of potential to help farmers improve their practices and reduce their environmental impact by optimising their use of resources like water, fertiliser, and pesticides more efficiently. For example, sensors and data analytics can help farmers determine exactly how much water their crops need, and when and where to apply fertiliser or pesticides. This can not only improve crop yields, but also reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of farming practices.